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African culture plays a huge part in the heart beat of Africa it’s what Africa breathes and gives value, to even the simplest materials in life. Mixing with most of these African cultures is a breathtaking experience where your mind is broadened. More likely, even the simplest things in life, which had little or no significance at all before, slowly begin to unfold and eventually you begin to appreciate them.

Africa has some of the most adorable African cultures across the world. Below is a few of the most influential and beautiful African cultures everybody wish to meet across Africa.


The Maasai – African Culture

african culture - masai woman

The Maasai is a charming African culture group located in the semi-arid Rift valley region, of Kenya and Tanzania.  The group is usually comprised of herders and warriors, due to the huge herd of cattle they own the Maasai people have chosen to stay a nomadic lifestyle.  More likely, you’ll find them roaming around with their cattle in search for food and water.

 african culture - masai_jump

Cattle play a big role in the Maasai community it’s a symbol of wealth and power, which the Maasai also depend on for blood, milk and meat. The Maasai are also great jumpers and dancers this is the most thrilling experience you’ll most likely come across when you meet with this African culture group.


Himba People – African Culture

african culture - himbaII

The Himba is another appealing African culture group they’re semi-nomadic pastoralists located in Kaokoland, which is found in the Northwest of Namibia. Evidently, they’re quite a spectacle to view the Himba women usually are topless and wear mini-skirts made of goat skin. This is further adorned with shells and jewellery made of copper and iron while men wear goatskin loin cloths.

african culture - himba

Also worth knowing, the Himba people are also descendants of the Herero community and normally speak the same language. For more about African culture languages check How to Effectively Deal with African cultural Language Barriers. The Himba houses are usually simple cone-shaped houses made with structures which are covered in dung and mud. Even to-date, the Himba people, follow their traditional beliefs devotedly this includes their ancestral worship and rituals like sacred fire (okoruwo), which is deemed an important link between the living and the dead.


The San – African Culture

african culture - san bushmen

The San is a charming African culture group found in the Kalahari and its people are also known as Bushmen. Most of these African culture people still follow a traditional pattern of hunting and gathering men usually do the hunting while the women gather food. Their shelter is made of branches which are usually tied together in a semi-circle with large grass tufts on top.

All the same, their houses are meant to cater for a short time since within little time they’ll have to move around searching for greener pastures. Due to their subtle expertise in hunting and tracking skills the army has made them popular and has used them to track Guerillas and sketch out mine fields. Likewise, the farmers have drawn interest in their skills and normally use them to track down poachers, nonetheless.


Samburu People – African Culture

african culture - samburu

The Samburu is a very interesting African culture group that lives in the Rift valley province in Northern Kenya. They’re neighboring communities with the Maasai and speak a similar language, derived from “Maa” which means Samburu. Like most African cultures Samburu are semi-nomadic pastoralists and dependent mostly on their cattle for food. Their diet consists of milk and blood from their cows astonishingly meat is usually fed on special occasions.

african culture - samburuII

Samburu men take care of their cattle and defend their families from attacks, from either man who usually raid their cattle or from wild animals. Women, on the other hand, are responsible for looking after the children, taking care of the household and gathering food. The Samburu are great jumpers and dancers, and usually dance jumping high from a standing position similar to that of the Maasai. In the occasion of village meetings men sit, in an inner circle, to discuss and solve issues while their women surround them and also intervene in exchanging opinions.


The Mursi – African Culture

african culture - Mursi_tribe

The Mursi is another intriguing African culture group that lives in the north of Omo River region South-west, in Ethiopia. They depend heavily on their cattle for food though they usually plant some crops, nonetheless. Also, they have a strong reputation of grabbing lands from their rivals in order to cater more grazing lands for their cattle. For the Mursi, hanging around carrying their Ak-47 rifles is the order of the day they try as much to defend their cattle from cattle raiders and enemies who try to grab away their lands.

After killing an enemy, Mursi men practice a light sacrification on their shoulders and also shave geometric patterns on their head. During, dance and ceremony occasions this African culture group decorates almost every part of their body with a white chalk dust. Young unmarried men usually practice brutal stick fights while the girls await patiently beside the arena discussing among them, who’s going to be married when a winner emerge.

african culture - MursiIII

Also worth knowing, young girls between ages of 15-16 usually get their lower lip pierced and a lip plate is fixed. The larger the lip plate she can adhere, the great abundance of cattle the bride price will pay. Although, this practice has been strongly condemned by NGO’s, who are striving hard to educate these young girls and stop their piercing habit, which is seen as torture.


Also worth knowing, a great deal of these African cultures are striving hard to keep up with their tradition and cultural practices. Simply because their Governments are trying to resettle them in established settlements where they can mix and relate with other people. Similarly, their governments are willing to educate them and provide them with essential amenities in order to live a decent life. Another factor that’s challenging them is due to the harsh weather conditions, finding food is a great struggle. Eventually, they’ll have to abandon their lands and homes, and be forced to depend on other people for the sake of their survival.


That wraps it up folks. Above are the top African cultures everybody wish to meet, even though they’re struggling in clinging on to their traditions and cultures, a variety of them are still out there, make sure you meet these great African culture groups on your next stop, in Africa. Happy Travel!



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