Most pregnant women find themselves in awkward positions when their pregnancy issues comes striking in early, especially when they are about to board a flight or already in one. Although, commercial travel for women with healthy pregnancies is permitted, its best you check with your health care provider first. Then, you’ll be aware if you’re fit to fly, or whether you should reschedule your flight for some other time. Below are some precautions pregnant women should take when traveling by air.

Pregnant women - Health precaution

1. Consult With Your Health Care Provider First

This is usually a very crucial step every pregnant woman should start with before engaging in a flight. After going through  check ups with your health care provider and having  reported a healthy pregnancy status, your Health care provider can allow you to fly.  On the contrary, when your doctor doesn’t report a good health status, then you can be restricted from having your flight.

This can occur due to  reasons like; maybe your health care provider might have found a ruptured placenta, gestational diabetes, or found your body at risk of hypertension. Under these circumstances, your healthcare provider can abort your flight so as to, not put your life and that of your unborn child at risk.

2. Shop or Search to Find Whether There Is a Flight That Assists Pregnant Women

It’s worth knowing that some airlines are more restrictive than others and privileges offered to clients differ in one way or the other.  consequently, some airlines provide great service to their pregnant women clients like; in-flight drink service, choice seating, wheelchair escorts and many more conveniences, a service that’s rarely experienced in other airlines.

Furthermore, a good airline should treat its pregnant clients with a lot of care and respect. Therefore, before booking a flight please ensure that you’ve done enough research, and you’ll eventually find that you’ll have a pleasant experience in your flight.

3. Check  the Air line’s Policy about Air Travel during Pregnancy

Normally restrictions for pregnant women vary from carrier to carrier, and the destinations one has to arrive. Also, where a person may be close to the delivery date, the airline may provide a restriction until they are provided with written consent from the health care provider. All other cases are declared null void. This restriction is usually made in order to ensure safety and comfort of both the woman and the unborn child.

4.            Plan For Comfort By Packing Convenient Essentials

This is something most pregnant women get nervous about, but there’s nothing to be afraid of since the whole essence is to make your travel experience more pleasant. Some of the material you may require, or you ought to have include – an empty water bottle, heat pack, neck pillow, and some healthy snacks. All these can make you have a pleasant travel experience.

Normally, it’s convenient to drink plenty of water during and after the flight so that your body wont be dehydrated. Hence, as a precaution, please request for some water from the airline staff. Also, crackers and other snacks may help quell nausea, which is especially vital for young pregnant women.

5.            Perform Small Exercises

Small exercises among pregnant women are essential because they enhance good circulation of blood around the body; also they reduce swelling and other body discomforts.  You should perform these exercises by; stretching knees and rolling ankles in small circles. Occasional back stretches, leg lifts and short walks up and down the aisle usually help lessen stiffness and minimize cramps or body swelling.


Lastly, follow the above precautions if you’re a pregnant woman and you happen to travel by air frequently. You’ll be glad because you’ll have made your travel experience more pleasant, happy travel!


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